Profile shot blasting equipment

Profile shot blasting equipment

Mainly applied to ships, automobiles, locomotives, bridges, machinery and other industries, and applied to eliminate stress and surface blasting cleaning for large-sized steel section, plates, steel structure and other large-sized steel structure.

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Rudder Machinery Co.,Ltd

Rudder Machinery Co.,Ltd is a joint-enterprise engaged in manufacturing steel pipe anti-corrosion production line.It is high-tech business complete with innovation R&D manufacturing (foreign trading).The company has production base in Ningbo and Zhoushan.

“We trust you owing to your professionalism”is s comment of our clients.After several years innovation and application,Rudder's steel pipe anticorrosion equipment has become more humanized,specialized and automated and conform to the development direction of mordern anticorrosion equipment.


“Taking pride in quality and being dedicated to customers”is the philosophy of our company,our promise to consumer and the power which drive us continuonsly progress.Rudder is growing rapidly with its unique business philosophy.

“Quality first and upmost”.We dedicate to produce flawless product and equipped with a reliable,fast and efficient after-sale service system.

1.Are you a manufacturer or a commercial company?

We are a manufacturer who is a scientific and technological innovation-oriented enterprises with the aggregation of innovative, R & D, production, sales (foreign trade) and after-sales, focusing on steel pipe anti-corrosion industry equipment R&D and production.

2.If we ask for an inquiry, what information need to provide?

First of all, please tell us the products that need anti-corrosion, such as: steel pipe, cast iron pipe, elbow, coating the site, the outer wall, coated materials, such as: FBE, 3PE, PPA, PU, PE, liquid epoxy, PU, PU foam insulation, CWC and its implementation standards. Second, the scope of steel pipe? For example: pipe diameter, pipe length, steel pipe wall thickness or weight. Again, the requirements of the production line equipment, such as: output equipment configuration, the degree of automation of the production line; or any special requirements, such as: production line equipment needs to be deployed in the existing plant (preferably to provide workshop map), tailored design, in short, the more detailed your request, our program and offer will more meet your request.

3. What products can you offer?

We mainly provide anti-corrosion production line equipment and engineering services for the transportation of oil, natural gas, water industry, urban construction pipelines, oil drill pipe and structural steel pipe.

4. Can you provide production line equipment and some equipment transformation?

Yes, we provide the entire production line equipment according to your company's actual requirements, tailored, but also provide transformation of the original equipment and part of the equipment replacement and transformation according to your requirement.

5. Why should we choose a supplier?

First of all, choose an experienced manufacturers with strong and professional understanding of the production process in-depth, which can be understood and judged from the provided technical solutions or technical exchanges between the two sides; Second, whether the suppliers have ever produced similar production lines and equipment, as well as their product quality and efficiency, can examine their users, field inspection of the application of the production line, if they can meet your requirements; Once again, visit the supplier factory to further examine the soft power and hard power of their enterprises, and examine whether they are producing the required production line equipment, whether they have the design, production and integration capabilities; Finally, choose the production line equipment cost-effective enterprises.

6. Can your production line be exported?

Yes, we have the right to import and export, our production line equipment not only sales in the domestic. We have not only provide equipment to the oil, Sinopec, CNOOC, Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, Shagang, Ling steel, Jinzhou industry, but also exported to Iran, Turkey, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Nigeria, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and South America and other countries.